2022 Student Loan Workshop Agenda

Developed for the legal and financial communities, we focus on student loans, their financial impact, problems, fixes and options, both legal and non-legal.

Part one and two are the same for all attendees. Industry specific information is covered in parts three and four.

Part One: The Basics of Student Loans
  • The history of student loans, loan lifecycle and loan types
  • Federal Student Loans: The Entities Involved and Types of Federal Loans Introduction to the NSLDS
  • Administrative Discharge
  • Repayment Plans
Part Two: Forgiveness, Default & Practical Forgiveness Plans
  • Default Consequences
  • Curing Default
  • Deferments & Forbearances
  • Practical Application – Real-World Examples with the Student Loan Toolbox
Part 3: The Financial Aspect of Student Loans - Private Student Loans
  • Student Loans & Financial Bankruptcy
  • Student Loans & Collections
  • Student Loans & Credit
Part 4:Planning, Marketing & Money
  • Planning to avoid Student Loan Debt
  • Scholarships and untapped funds
  • Marketing
  • Monetizing your Student Loan Practice

Have you previously attended a workshop?

That's ok! We've updated the format to include:

  • Expanded content on previously discussed topics
  • The increasing landscape of Bankruptcy and Student Loan resolution
  • How Financial Advisors can reduce their client’s need for Student Loans
  • New software to make it easier to do business
  • Updated ways to incorporate student loan services into your practice

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