There are at least 12 areas affected by student loans

Student Loans & Financial Planning

Student loans are often considered when performing an analysis for financial planning or when trying to plan someone’s economic future. But do you know all the areas where student loans can impact you? Student loans & financial planning can go hand-in-hand, enabling you to expand your services and grow your business.

Attend the Student Loan Law Workshop for Financial Advisors to learn how adding student loan cases to your business can increase your profit while helping your clients!

Contact me or call 802-735-9444 if you have at least four people that you would like trained. We can schedule a private workshop on dates that work best for you and your team.

Student loans impact these areas of financial planning covered in the workshop

  • Planning a family
  • Purchasing a home
  • Buying a car or luxury item
  • Home repair and renovation
  • Personal Credit
  • Business loans
  • Children’s education
  • Tax planning
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Wills and Heirs

The Workshop Covers

  • The History of Student Loans
  • Understanding key differences between Federal, State, and Private Student Loans
  • The Student Loan Life Cycle
  • In-depth discussion of the different stages w/statutory and regulatory analysis
  • Collection practices specific to student loans
  • Typical student loan problems with issue spotting exercises
  • Understanding the 9 repayment plans and the financial and legal attributes
  • Emerging problems with student loans
  • Handling student loans in and out of bankruptcy
  • Defending student loan lawsuits – Especially those pesky private loans
  • Assisting with Administrative Discharges

Student loans & financial planning: Looking to the future

There are many methods for reducing the impact of having student loans and more ways for you to minimize your clients’ payments, so they are in good standing while doing so. Addressing student loans & financial planning at the same time can help prepare your clients for the future. Adding student loan services to your business can help you increase profit per client and expand your clientele.